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Surf’s Up in Barbados!

There are only a few secluded “secret spots” left in the world for surfers, and whilst not entirely secret, Barbados is certainly secluded and off the beaten track for the pro surf tour.

Not many people realise that Barbados gets great waves on North and South swells, which means you can pretty much surf all year round. Barbados is also a fabulous location for windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, waterskiing and fishing.

Soup Bowl, which is only minutes away from The Atlantis Hotel, is the best, most challenging and professional break Barbados has to offer. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of options for beginners, just check out our list of recommended local surf instructors (to your right). If you’re new to the sport, always check with the locals first before paddling out.

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