Activities on the East Coast and Beyond

While you’re with us, spend a day or two visiting these recommended places of interest and activities, some of which are very nearby to The Atlantis Hotel.


Bath is a beautiful uncommercialised beach, well protected from the Atlantic breakers by a coral reef. Bath is an excellent venue for picnics, and as it is off the beaten track, is seldom overrun with visitors. You’ll probably be the only ones on the beach! There’s also a small bar where you can grab a few beers and some picnic tables to eat at if you wish.


Bathsheba used to be the summer resort for the Barbadian upper class who would enjoy their afternoon drinks in the rock pools. Later, this popular Barbados beach became a surfing hotspot and hangout for the hippy jet set. If there’s a large swell, stop by the famous Soup Bowl and witness local and pro surfers at their best. Parlour, which is adjacent to Soup Bowl, offers picnic tables and shady areas for you to spend the day. Be sure to ask a local where is the best spot to take a dip as there are some areas with strong currents you should avoid.


The East coast of Barbados offers some of the best waves this island (and the Caribbean) has to offer. Soup Bowl is the most famous break and attracts surfers throughout the year. The best time however is in the winter months as cold weather from the North pushes large Atlantic swells down to the island. Find out more about surfing in Barbados here.

Orchid World

Orchid World is located in the middle of sugar cane fields overlooking the St. George valley. This Barbados garden displays an extraordinary wide array of orchids; a must see for the horticulturalist!

Welchman Hall Gully

A gully is a sunken riverbed, which carries the original tropical vegetation of Barbados. In Welchman Hall Gully human hands helped a little to create a most beautiful park leading through the valley. You will be mesmerized by the number of ancient trees that exist in this gully and there is a bit of history on plaques in front of each species of tree.

Some of Our Favourite Beaches

The Crane Beach

Crane Beach is located on the South East coast of Barbados, about 20 minutes drive from The Atlantis Hotel and is a definite must-visit while you’re here. Crane beach is a secluded beach between two cliffs that boasts soft, powdery white sand and blue waters. This Barbados beach is great for boogie boarding and body surfing or for chilling out on for the day. You can rent loungers and umbrellas as well purchase cold beverages from vendors located on the beach.

Foul Bay

Foul Bay is also located on the South East coast of Barbados. Don’t be deceived by its name, Foul Bay is a long stretch of white sandy beach perfect for quiet picnics and romantic beach days. This Barbados beach is also well known for its shore break wave, ideal for boogie boarders and body surfers.

Mullins Beach

Mullins Beach is located on the West coast of Barbados, about 30 minutes from The Atlantis Hotel and is one of the most popular Barbados beaches on the platinum coast for visitors. The West coast is known for its calm blue sea and white sandy beaches. If you are the more adventurous, there is a water sports shack set up on Mullins beach along with loungers and umbrellas for hire, and a restaurant for when you get hungry.

Gibbs Beach

Gibbs Beach is also located on the West coast of Barbados, about 5 minutes away from Mullins beach. The entrance to this secluded beach is in between 2 houses and can be easily missed. You’ll need to pack a picnic if you’re heading to Gibbs as there are no vendors nearby. This Barbados beach is perfect if you’re looking for a very quiet, relaxing day under the shade of trees.

Ju Ju’s Beach

Ju Ju’s Beach is situated between Lonestar restaurant and Royal Pavilion Hotel and offers a great little beach bar where you can get a mean rum punch or a nice grilled fish platter. There is also a spot to swim with the turtles and lots of reef to go snorkelling over. Ju Ju’s Beach also has a water sports facility if you’re looking to ski, wakeboard or just fool around on the rubber tires.

Other Great Barbados Activities to Consider